Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You're not in Love, You're Obsessed.

If you've every went through a break up (be it just a friendship or a relationship) I'm sure you wonder what it is that held you to that person. You see all the things that you love about them but all the things that you hate about them too. Sometimes you're in love with the person who they were and not the person they are. Thats where I'm at. I met someone truly amazing and I'm still in love with that person I met, not the person I'm speaking to this very moment. He's someone very different. The person who used to tell me how amazing I was just because he wanted to, has turned into the person who tells me how they heartless I am. The person who wanted me forever, has turned into the person who only wants to control me forever while he moves on. Its a sick little game thats tampering with my hearts health.

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